Team Up With Practical Thinkers!


Apr. 2nd, 2021

Teaming up with practical thinkers is the single best thing you can do for your company, and of course, sanity.

I used to hire people based on their ability to implement things down to the finest details accurately. Still, then I realized those finer details are insignificant if the systems they are creating aren’t scalable in the first place. Practical thinkers understand that building a scalable system first is key, and once this system is in place, everything else can be made great, incrementally, afterward.

How to spot a Practical Thinker

If you love to work with practical people, like I do, here are 5 signs to look for:

#5 Think BIG Picture

Practical thinkers LOVE the big picture. Unlike analytical thinkers, who sometimes offer a million solutions for a simple problem, they can take a complex problem and develop simple solutions by focusing and executing on the key points.

#4 First Understand It, Then Do It Better Than The Rest

Practical thinkers don’t automatically understand complex topics. What sets practical thinkers apart is their drive to seek understanding. They don’t just want to know how to do something. They want to know why they need to do it and if they can do it better.

#3 Healthy Dose Of Skepticism

All practical thinkers have a healthy dose of skepticism. They don’t assume something will work with no grounds for believing it. They also question their sources of information, especially if something sounds too good to be true.

#2 Observation Is Key

Practical thinkers tend to think differently than the pack. They don’t just question information others assume to be true. They also look at information that may be taken for granted. Seemingly mundane facts may prove to be valuable tools for solving a problem.

#1 Flexibility RULES

Although practical thinkers are masters of planning, they aren’t rigid when it comes to their plan. If new information comes up, they don’t ignore it—they optimize it. Practical thinkers aren’t flustered when they need to be flexible. That’s why they like to see the big picture but also keep things simple!