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Case Study

Privy.com: Brand Makeover

Privy is the highest-rated e-commerce marketing platform for online stores operating through sites such as Shopify and Wix. Our journey with Privy began in 2019, shortly after Privy brought on a new marketing team and a new CMO.
"Two things are crucial to me as a CMO: creativity and speed. Algert delivers on both! I worked with him at Drift and, hired his agency at Privy; later on. The results have always been exceptional. I would recommend to anyone".


First and foremost, Privy wanted to revamp its brand image. The goal was to develop a new brand image that helped connect Privy to its target audience better. In addition to a fresh face, Privy needed a creative agency capable of executing a complete marketing plan.


Privy’s customer base is primarily composed of SMB e-commerce stores hosted on Shopify. For this target audience, we decided to keep the visuals simple. In the more minimalistic version of Privy’s site, the focal points shifted towards color, typography, and images of people, adding clarity to the message and cutting out distractions.
Key highlights:
The Ecommerce Marketing Show
Privy hosts The Ecommerce Marketing Show, a podcast that provides listeners with the information they need to be successful online entrepreneurs—the premise is simple, the advice is clear, and the audio is clean. So, we thought the site should reflect these aspects while delivering a concise description of the show. Remaining in line with the overall strategy of simplicity, The Ecommerce Marketing Show landing page features personable faces, pleasing colors, and bold typefaces.
April Fool's Campaign
We helped Privy launch their April Fool’s Campaign—an offer for a set of three (imaginary) CDs meant to help consumers launch a Shopify site. This lighthearted and humorous campaign was in line with Privy’s new brand image and generated a lot of engagement on social media.
The Result

Our agency fully supported Privy’s marketing team, executing the day-to-day tasks within the marketing plan and contributed to the big picture ideas that make Privy’s new branding shine. By reinventing Privy’s brand image, we transformed the look, adding vibrance and simplicity that appeal to their target market of e-commerce shop owners.

Privy was recently acquired, a BIG win for the Privy team, and we’re proud of having contributed to their journey.

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