Case Study

Drift Inc: Building a $1B+ brand

We’ve been working with Drift since 2015, when they were known as “the new kids on the block” and, over the years, helped create the signature brand image Drift is known for to date.

"As a CEO, I value the passion and energy in the people I work with. Algert brought a lot of that to Drift. His design aesthetic is always on point, and his vision for branding is worth gold".


In order to stand out in an already crowded market, Drift needed to create a memorable look and feel that could eventually scale to a full-fledged brand image. This was no easy task, and it would require a lot of in-flight experimentation as the company rapidly evolved and positioned itself in the market.


Phase 1: The Drift Brand Cookbook

Instead of opting for traditional branding guidelines, we used our own 80/20 methodology (80% regulation, 20% experimentation). Traditional branding guidelines are a great tool for maintaining consistency but at the same time hinder the evolution of the brand image by imposing strict limits on creativity and experimentation. Our vision for the brand aimed at promoting creativity, instead of limiting it.

Enter, The Drift Brand Cookbook. This simple booklet included the essential ingredients needed to take Drift’s rand image off the ground. Those ingredients were Human, Bold, and Playful. And while the guidelines doc accompanying it did a good job enforcing the visual consistency, it also left enough room for experimentation and future evolution of the brand image.

Phase 2: Implementation

With the key brands elements established, implementation of different branding/marketing strategies also evolved, and by doing what we do best, collaborate with marketing, different channels were born:

Seeking Wisdom Podcast

A fresh view of Drift’s marketing early marketing strategy and point of view, which later evolved to a network of podcasts, “The HYPERGROWTH Network.”


Drift’s annual customer conference, until this day most successful and held in London and San Francisco

"We've partnered with Algert a few times for our HYPERGROWTH Boston and San Francisco events. Each time, Algert was able to create the unique vibe, creative strategy, and branding, we needed to stand out."

Conversational marketing, This won’t scale, rich outlets that give Drift their place in the conversational marketing space now revenue marketing.

The result

Drift has been the ultimate use case for our agency, showing how a company can scale from 4 employees to 400+ in only a few years, while at the same time building a powerful brand image.

Our work with Drift did not stop there. Here are some of the amazing things we’ve created for their brand:


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